Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dreadlocks Sponsorship Initial Post

Hello all! This is a test initial post for my sponsorship page. I'm writing it as if I had just been accepted into the Dread Head Dreadlocks Sponsorship Program. In the application I used juggling & unicycling as an example talent so I'm going to run with that.

My name is Jonny Clean and I am a juggler.

Where I'm at currently:
I've been juggling regularly since January 09. I can juggle up to 4 balls and 3 pins. I have quite a few three ball tricks down like the 3 ball box. I can also toss the balls behind my back and under my leg while I juggle. I recently learned the 4 ball fountain and I'm getting pretty smooth with that. I've also been learning to ride a unicycle and I want to work that into my routine.

Future Plans:
As soon as I get a little better I'm going to start working with local charities and fund raisers. The plan is to offer my juggling at their booth or event for free to help them out. I'll also have some cards ready that I can hand out to anyone that's interested in hiring me for other gigs. While I'm performing I'll spread the word about Dread Head by telling people who ask how I did my dreads and I'll wear my HQ Sponsorship shirt whenever possible.

At this point I can't really juggle while riding the unicycle but I'm working on it. When I get that down I will definately throw up a video for you guys to check out.

Below is a video of me unicycling and some pics of me juggling.


Normally your initial post will have the pics from your application and much of the same info so it won't take long to put together and it's a good opportunity to get used to Blogger if you've never used it before.

Here's a tip for ya. When you upload videos it takes a while so you can start the video uploading and work on your post while you wait. It will show up when it's finished =]